I’m a postdoc at Mississippi State University where┬áI explore ways of using mathematics to understand nature.

Mathematical biology is reasonably novel and useful science, dedicated towards understanding our world. Promoting mathematical biology research to all who will listen captivates much of my time. I’ve spoken about the mathematics of nature to a range of audiences from indigenous tribes in the Guiana Shield to primary school children. Previously, I was a secondary mathematics teacher and I have applied my past experiences to teach undergraduate level mathematics and engineering.

I’ve recently completed my PhD in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sheffield. I followed this by teaching and lecturing for a year in the department whilst I run an national mathematical biology outreach project for primary students.

Outside of mathematics,  I love nature, particularly bird watching and British natural history. I’m lucky enough to be using mathematics to understand long-tailed tits for my research. I’ve travelled in Central and South America and I have become quite infatuated with the wildlife there, I hope to go back soon.